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Created as a part of 'Building Virtual Worlds' coursework at CMU - ETC
Keywords : Visual Effects, Particle Systems and Shaders in Unity
Description: An immersive interactive story about hope, friendship and ultimately survival. Built in a time-frame of 2 weeks on Oculus Quest 2 platform.
My Role : Technical Artist and Programmer
Link to video of whole project : Raft Away
Requirement: To create a dramatic flare effect to attract attention in the VR space

-> Created a Visual smoke effect using Unity's Visual Effect Graph 
-> Due to Oculus Quest 2's limited rendering capabilities, was required to switch to Unity's particle system 
->Created a particle system in Unity with a point light for a dramatic flare effect
A Flare particle system in Unity
Requirement: To create a sea that feels limitless and expansive so the guest feels lost at sea, whose variables of strength, color and waves can be controlled

Using Unity's Shader Graph, created a shader for the sea in the scene. 
Added multiple variables to adjust visuals as per the requirements of the scene.
A shader for the sea using the Shader Graph in Unity
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