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CSIR - CEERI, Pilani

Project : Wind-load effects on civil structures - viewable in Augmented Reality
Technical Keywords: Civil Engineering, Unity physics engine, Blender, wind-load effects
My role: Research Intern
Goal of the project: Utilize the tools available in Blender and Unity physics engines to simulate wind-load effect on tall structures, depending on material, height and speed of the wind. This project was to be viewable in Augmented Reality.
My work: 

-Built a wind-load effect monitoring system for civil structures, viewable in Augmented Reality
-Conducted novel research in the physics engines of Unity and Blender software by utilizing different bone structures and types of armatures in Blender to replicate the inherent structure of a building.

-Imported these rigged Blender models into Unity and solved consequent issues.
-Drafted and authored literature reviews, presentations and a technical paper based on Structural Health Monitoring and Wind-load effects in the Civil Engineering domain

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