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My very own rant + comedy comic page!

As a child, I loved reading comics - from Asterix and Obelix to Calvin and Hobbes. I loved the mode of expression and method of story-telling. I loved how with a few frames and a few words, they were able to bring a smile to my face.


I started an instagram page in 2018 to try making comics. I named it "rantcom" - as in - "a rant + comedy" depiction of everyday life scenarios I observe and experience. Being a huge fan of puns, I also loved making those! 

I continued to upload comics ever so often and gained a few followers. However, it was when the pandemic began and I found myself at home with more time than usual, that I began uploading comics daily - hoping to improve and explore different topics for inspiration.


I currently have over 200 followers on that page and it continues to grow! I also continue to enjoy this fun and unique way of blogging my experiences and thoughts, and occasionally rants!

Give it time...
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