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Highavenue Creative Labs Pvt. Ltd

Project: Highavenue Android/iOS platform application for making 3D animations in Augmented Reality

My role: Unity AR development intern


Technical keywords: Tools in Unity, C#, URP (Universal Render Pipeline)  

Assisted the animation team through tool-building in Unity 

Task: To reduce the time spent in manually sorting and categorizing the required assets while uploading them to the back-end storage database 

  • Created a tool in Unity to directly upload assets to Firebase (back-end storage database used by the application) under the specified category and structure 

  • Reduced time and manual work required by the animation team to accurately carry out the same task

Screen capture of tool 
(Specifying category under which chosen assets will be uploaded to onto Firebase storage database)
  • Built attractive 3-D text animations through scripts developed in C# language as per the animation teams specifications and references

  • Contributed to the research for refining user interaction and other features which used URP.

Example of 3D text animation
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