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Rocket Moving Company

Created as a part of 'Building Virtual Worlds' coursework at CMU - ETC
Keywords : C# Gameplay programming in Unity
Description: An interactive game created for the Microsoft Hololens 2 platform about the Rocket Moving Company under pressure to finish their task! Built, play-tested and iterated multiple times to design a purely intuitive level with no instructions for game play.
My Role : Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer
Link to the video of the whole project : Rocket Moving Company
My Contribution:
  • Worked on hand gesture tracking and movement in Unity for the Hololens 2 
  • Designed and programmed the tutorial level of the game for intuitive gameplay
  • Worked with UI elements and shaders in Unity to create the health-bar in AR
  • Conducted multiple playtests to design placement and interaction of guests accordingly.
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