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Shaders for emotions

Shaders built through an iterative process to represent emotions in the space
Keywords : Shaders and particle effects in Unity engine
Project Description: Developed gamified prototypes on a mixed reality platform to raise awareness and facilitate mental health related discussions in a classroom setting - focused on co-operation, interaction and healthy competition
My Role : Technical Artist and Co-producer
(1) Designed, iterated, surveyed and developed shaders to represent emotions in spheres for a game prototype where emotions interacted with one another
Each emotion sphere in the space would be defined by some stand-out features:
Sadness -> Slow, almost heavy, barely moving
Anger -> 'Kiki', Restless movement, Rage
Joy -> Radiant, Bright and glowing, not aggressive
Depression -> Restless slow and heavy movement
Each emotion went through iterations, and was surveyed with the students (who are the end users of our game) on a bi-weekly basis. They were presented with options, asked their opinions, and design and shader iterations were made accordingly.
The interaction design of corresponding emotion spheres were also determined accordingly -
(2) Designed, iterated, surveyed and developed VFX and particle systems for a meditative effect in the Mixed Reality space
Particle based 'finale' effect created in Unity - intended to mix with a calming environment
Water ripples following the motion of the controller - with a game example of finale effect
Models and animations by Yifan Shan, Programming by Tairan Gao
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